Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RATE IT! School House Rock Magnets

When I was little, part of the fun of watching Saturday morning cartoons was the educational interstitials that sang out during commercial breaks. 

Before the days of Canadian cable substitution (Canuck cable providers like to 'cover up' American ads with commercials from the Great White North when both a Canadian & American channel are airing the same program - yawn!), we used to get *ALL* American commercial content -- and during kids' programming that meant School House Rock intersititals! These cartoon, sing-a-long gems of learning -- featuring mathematics, grammar, even US history -- caught our kiddie eyes and had us following along & learning at the same time. These pieces were so fun and entertaining, we didn't even wise up to the fact that we had just learned our 8x tables. 

These learning aids are no longer broadcast on American TV but can be found on DVD, CD and now on magnets. Really cool! Conjunction Junction... I'm Just a Bill -- the faves are all here, granted Figure 8 & the Noun song are missing but as every kid from *my* generation knows, you can't always have everything!

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