Friday, March 20, 2009

RATE IT! Google Street View

Google's Street View application is proving to be a huge internet hit! Now when you search Google Maps, you have the choice to see an actual 360 degree street view in some areas with several major cities in the UK just posted on the web. 

I've just taken a stroll down my favourite Pimlico street in London despite the fact that I haven't been back physically in four years. It's really cool and so addictive. I've traveled all over London today (with a side trip to NYC) but haven't gotten any work done. Whoops.

The venture is not all fun & games though. According to the Daily Mail, many Brits are unhappy that they have been caught by Google's cameras. Countless images have been removed from the site due to privacy concerns of those captured. Arrests, public vomiting and other funny/embarrassing acts have been up in full view until requests were made to take them down.

When was a walk down a *public* street seen as private? It's beyond me! If you're silly enough to be doing something illegal or cringe-worthy in public, you deserve what you get even if it is internet notoriety! 
(Google street view how-to from the Daily Mail)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Its funny. People keep seeing themselves on Google. One guy said he could see straight through his house window at himself painting the ceiling. The cringy ones like the guy getting arrested in London and one leaving a sex shop when he shouldn't have been there are stupid. Here, we have a thing about privacy because we're always being watched by CCTV and if you have a Tesco clubcard it tells you what you buy most often and they send coupons for money off similar products. I guess people got fed up and started asking just when is it going to end. Google came at the wrong time.

Andrea said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments!! So nice to "meet" you! :) Love this google feature you posted about. Your posts are full of it! :)

Jackie said...

Thanks, Andrea! So nice to see you here. I adore your blogs and hope other 'Lose That Girl' readers will visit them as well as I've posted links in my fave sites. I love your subject matter & will definitely be a regular visitor.

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