Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RATE IT! One Week ~ Movie of the Year

Just over a week ago, I was enthusiastically posting about a movie that I wanted to see called "One Week". On Saturday, I was finally able to put work aside, and take in this film.

I'm SO pleased that I did. This movie... so wonderfully crafted, beautifully shot and lovingly acted... is the best movie that I've seen this year. I know it's early. 2009 is only 3 months old and many more celluloid treats are probably on the horizon but I don't feel that many of Hollywood's upcoming over-budgeted offerings will feature as much heart, joy, laughter or love as "One Week." 

Joshua Jackson as Ben is fantastic - you can feel his panic, his fear, his peace. Canada portrays his constant confidant, his side-kick on a week-long solo journey cross-country. Riding a second-hand motorcycle across this great land, Ben struggles to accept a cancer diagnosis that looks to consume him. Or will it? 

Canadians will feel immense pride watching our home roll by on film while non-Canadians will marvel at how gorgeous it all is. Majestic mountains, the ocean, endless prairies, ancient forests - yep, they're all here: one country, several landscapes that take your breath away. Canada is so massive -- Ben, in comparison, so miniscule yet his story is in no way inconsequential. 

"One Week" is quite somber at times but it's also life-affirming, inspirational & overwhelmingly entertaining. The soundtrack sewn-together with Canadian performers, Campbell Scott's narration & the slick but never intruding editing style all go hand-in-hand with the candid script & Jackson's nuanced performance. Family relationships especially the one he shares with his fiancee, are portrayed truthfully with an understated touch. In the wrong hands, this story could have very easy slipped into a treacley disease-of-the-week, made-for-TV mess, but it never comes even close to that fate. Ben's plight may be tragic & his actions arouse all sorts of emotions in the viewer, but his journey & what he learns as a result of it, is realistic and extraordinary. In dying, Ben learns how to live, and the fact that we get to accompany him to this destination is a gift for all of us. 


Anonymous said...

I know I keep saying it but I am so going to find this movie somewhere.

Jackie said...

Keep your fingers crossed, Randommiss that it will make the jump over to the UK. It's getting a lot of buzz over here, so perhaps some indie cinemas over there are listening.

Sharan B. said...

randommiss - I'm with you. If I manage to find anything on it in the UK I'll be sure to let you know.

Great review, LTG!


Misty Stiletto said...

Oh God, this sounds like it's sure to have me in buckets of tears. I havn't seen it advertised here yet, but will keep a look out.

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