Friday, March 27, 2009

HATE IT! iTunes Raising Prices

The arrival of April just doesn't bring Spring showers. Come April 7, buying a hit single from iTunes gets a little more expensive.

Kiss goodbye to the 99 cent charge per song. iTunes clearly hasn't realized that many of us have lost jobs, or are having issues making ends meet, and have decided to hike prices up 30 cents to $1.29. As of April 7, all hit songs plus many deemed "classics" will have this inflated price attached. 

Are they just trying to nudge us all back to file sharing? Seems like it. 


LS said...

iTunes is such a rip off here as well. Apple are always being dragged to the EU court over being unfair on UK customers but that really is because we're gulliable and Apple know it.


Raising prices during a recession? Apple is going to regret this move.

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