Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HATE IT! UK School Curriculum

Upon this "news", I had to glance at my Filofax to ensure that today wasn't April 1st -- April Fool's Day!

The Daily Mail is reporting that the British primary school curriculum is at risk of being changed drastically ~ for the worse. 

Sir Jim Rose, the UK's former schools' inspector (whatever that is), has proposed changing the lesson plan so that Winston Churchill, the rise of the Nazis -- basically all of World War II -- plus subjects such as Queen Victoria, are scrapped and replaced with tutorials focusing on Twitter, blogging, Wikipedia & podcasting! Rose's proposal is due for publication in the next month, however, various news agencies caught wind of the plan & ran with the ridiculous idea.

Kids today are already lacking in certain skills (phonics, anyone?), and in many places reading, writing and basic history results are in a shambles. At least Rose's wacky suggestions are just that -- suggestions -- right now. Shame on Britain if they become a reality.  
(Churchill image: google images)


Myrna Hynes said...

I'm fairly certain kids are getting enough of the techy crap on their own...can I say again how much the "txtspk" drives me wonky! What else is school for if not boring (for most teens) yet critically important history?

Anonymous said...

I laughed at this. Most kids have no idea who Winston Churchill is. I did GCSE history so I know as much as I can about the wars but if you don't study history, you'll never know.
The stuff about Twitter and blogging...they have seriously lost it.

Jackie said...

Myrna, I agree!! They'll learn the exciting tech stuff on their own! Frankly, I want my taxes going towards kids learning about their own country and the world! People are already ignorant enough.

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