Friday, March 27, 2009

HATE IT! Cup Cake Floss

In life, there are many items which can be considered a necessity. 

Take... dental floss. It's one of those products that is easy to miss, even easier not to use. Those of us who *do* floss daily, know how integral to our daily routine a good dental floss is. For the life of me, I can't understand those individuals who never floss. No doubt, they get reprimanded by their dentist (that is, if they even go to the dentist...) and if people are giving them dirty looks, well maybe it's because their breath is questionable. It's true. All that rotting food held captive between teeth can cause odorous harm. Ugh! Floss avoiders! Consider yourself warned!

Now...take the delightful joy that is a cupcake! Quaint, cute, sugary -- guaranteed to spark a smile on even the grouchiest visage. Life would be very glum without cupcakes in our midst.

So somewhere a somewhat enterprising soul had the brainwave to take these two life necessities and allow them to join forces into something thought to be kooky and cool, Cup Cake Floss

HELL, NO! Not kooky. Not cool. Just plain stupid! I mean, really...who wants to floss with dental string that tastes like icing?! Flossing is meant as a tool to *remove* all remnants, tastes of food - not to reintroduce them! This ridiculous product gets a big, hefty 'hate it' from me. It's just plain GROSS. Back to the drawing board!

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Misty Stiletto said...

I don't like flossing and I hate the dentist (bad experiences, his nickname was 'The Butcher' 'nuff said), but I really hope I don't have bad breath.

And flossing with sugar does seem slightly stupid, it's like those kid toothpastes that taste like pure sugar on your teeth. They make you feel worse than before you brushed.

*Feeling paranoid I have bad breath through not flossing....*

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