Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HATE IT! Essence d' Oprah

Did you know that Oprah has a shop in Chicago where she sells her own clothes? The *actual* threads that she once wore on her show -- and no longer wants.

It's great that she doesn't just toss them into the trash, but wouldn't donating them all to a good cause, like a women's shelter be even more worthwhile? The money received does support Oprah's charities so I guess some good does come from this odd practice.

Even stranger, apparently you cannot try on the clothes before purchase. The reason given, "to preserve the integrity of the items and ensure that Oprah was the last person to wear them," but you *can* pose in a chair that also once belonged to Oprah and have your photo taken while seated.

Okay.... but last I checked, Oprah was a mere mortal like you and me. Sure, she's filthy rich, hugely famous & unabashedly successful, but ...still.

I don't know why anyone would want to own Oprah's cast offs. I certainly hope these garments are dry cleaned before they're sold...if not, you could be getting more than Oprah's clothes.



Anonymous said...

Only Oprah would do a thing like this. Donating to dress for success would be much better!!!

Why would you buy something if you could never wear it because you never tried it on and OPRAH wore it last!!

Jackie said...

The mind boggles! ;)

I have my fave famous star crushes but I'd never want a piece of their clothing... that's taking it a bit too far.

StarryNic said...

that is a bit weird...only Oprah could do something like that...


This is truly strange indeed!

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