Thursday, October 8, 2009

HATE IT! Shoes? Hooves?

Fashion forward? Hardly!

Can you picture any starlet/fashionista in her right mind wearing these Alexander McQueen booties?

In Paris Tuesday, models teetered along his catwalk, wearing animalistic creations -- including this unique & treacherous footwear.

I like clothes and fashion as much as the next gal, but I wouldn't be caught dead doing an impersonation of a gazelle in these clompers.


More often than not, catwalk stuff is meant to grab headlines and attention so in all due respect, McQueen has achieved that goal in spades. To answer my earlier question, I bet Lady GaGa (who was in attendance that night) will be strutting about in these foot pinchers very very soon. Image is everything - right? Pfft!

(photo: AFP/Getty)


StarryNic said...

OUCH! those look like they would hurt...

Emily said...

Yeah, I saw a photo of these in the Style section of the Globe and Mail this morning, too. All I can think is that they look like pointe shoes being worn in some ballet about glamourous horses in the year 2080. Yikes... And ugly, yes. Very ugly. :(

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