Thursday, October 8, 2009

RATE IT! Jon Hamm as Superman

Before I get too carried away, it must be said that no casting announcement has been made (unfortunately!).

No... just some ramblings on MTV in the States by quirky-cool filmmaker, Kevin Smith. He enthusiastically believes that 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm would be excellent as Clark Kent/the Man of Steel *as well* as Batman. NY has picked up the story and is getting everyone all in a lather about the possibilities.

I could not agree more - especially in terms of Superman. Jon Hamm in the dark-rimmed specs as Clark Kent? He'd be PERFECT! He's got the stunning leading man looks to play Superman, and his work as the tormented & secretive Don Draper gives him the chops to portray the darker elements of the role. And really the same goes for Batman. Like NY Mag says, I'd take him as the Dark Knight any day! Christian Bale and his weird husky/whisper dialogue delivery is SO lame.

Casting directors.... hope you are listening!


Gab said...

Ooh - great idea for Superman! (Have to be loyal to my #1 crush Bale as Batman, though.) And thanks for the Hamm pic - my new screensaver now!


Oh Don Draper could be my Superman any day!

Jackie said...

I just want to see him tear open his shirt while running to answer a call for help. Not asking for much, me.

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