Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RATE IT! Posh Gossip

Rumours are swirling that Victoria Beckham will feature on 'Gossip Girl' this season.

Apparently, Blake Lively met Posh at her NYC fashion show & the pair hit it off, with Blake scoring Mrs. Beckham's word that she'd grace the GG set. At least Vic admits that she's no actress & just wants to have a fun adventure popping into Serena & Dan land.

Shame she won't be playing Chuck's former lover - now *that* would be worthwhile!

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Sarah said...

I don't know about this. Posh says she wants to be tongue in cheek, but that's more Blair's department and there's not much room for funny if you take Blair and Chuck out of the equation. The rest of the cast are drippy *ahem* Chace *ahem*, emotional, hardly open their mouths to say a line *ahem* Blake *ahem* Penn *ahem* types. I like GG the way it is, Victoria was good on Ugly Betty, but I think that was more her style than GG. There was more scope for her to be funny and condescending about herself there alongside Wilhemina and Marc, imo two of the best comedy characters on TV now.

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