Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HATE IT! Ron & Barbara Get Iced


My love-in for 'Battle of the Blades' is on hiatis this week. One of my favourite couples, Barbara Underhill & Ron Duguay were voted out after the elimination skate last night.

Their survival was pinned to a skate-off with crowd fave, Tie Domi and Tuffy Hough-Sweeney. I think Tie and Tuffy did a fantastic job but honestly, I think Ron added more flair to his performance than Domi. And Ron took the plunge, donning ice skates instead of hockey blades (Domi!) making his performance all the more remarkable. His partner, Barbara is a skating living legend, and it's a shame that she's no longer part of the competition. Tie & Tuffy were a lot of bouncy fun -- the live audience loved them.

Personally, I wouldn't have placed Barbara & Ron in contention for elimination *at all* this week -- that honour should have gone to the too kooky duo of Ken Daneyko & Jodeyne Higgins. I almost expected the keystone cops to make an appearance during their skate - it was just too cutesy, all silly story line and not enough pretty skating. Did viewers forget to vote on Sunday night, or what? It should of been Ken & Jodeyne waving farewell, not Ron & Barbara.

I'm willing to give the judges last night the benefit of the doubt, BUT I think they made a major mistake saying bye-bye to one of the most popular skating couples in the competition. The CBC website for 'Blades' boasts that Duguay & Underhill have the most registered fans, so don't cry the blues if the ratings take a slide, CBC!


Anonymous said...

It wasn't the views who voted for Ron and Barb to leave. On elimination night, it is the judges' votes that count. I do believe that Tie has an in somewhere.

Jackie said...

If the viewers had called in on Sunday night to make sure Barb and Ron were safe, they wouldn't have been up on the block in the first place.

Barb and Ron skated better than Tie and Tuffy on that Monday night - the judges did the viewers a disservice. I like Tie as much as anyone but his performance wasn't the best that night.

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