Friday, October 16, 2009

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Season 3-Ep. 5 Sneak Peek

CAUTION...Spoilers may follow!!

Georgina Sparks, your time is up! Because of her meddling persuasiveness, the annoying spawn of Rufus & Lily returned to Manhattan just in time for their on/off wedding. Creepy Scott, the Boston brat with "issues" was finally revealed to Rufus & Lils as their long-lost son. Blame spazoid Georgina for upsetting the apple cart yet again. Is she done now? Can she be excused to join that other show she's part of over at NBC?

We waited through all that season finale hoopla last Spring, for this? Was I the only viewer who felt the big climactic "true identity" moment when everyone, including Scott's new step-siblings Dan, Serena, Eric and Jenny, discovered their blood ties to this freak was a bit of a... non-starter? No big drama.... no freak outs from the kiddies (I'm disappointed in YOU, Little J!)? The announcement went over like a pot of Rufus' famous chili --- la de biggie. Kinda feel ripped off. I was hoping for fireworks, waterworks, SOMETHING!

At least the arrival of Hilary Duff is adding some newfound life to the gang. Let's hope she sticks around for awhile and that her story line lives up to its potential. I'm digging her and Dan together, so please GG writers, make it interesting! Here's a peek at next Monday's episode:

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