Friday, October 23, 2009

RATE IT! Tracy Morgan

I totally rate Tracy Morgan.

He's hilarious whether he's serving up friendly chit chat on Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Night' couch, or working his day job portraying Tracy Jordan on '30 Rock.' And don't forget his spell as a regular on 'Saturday Night Live'. Brian Fellow's Safari Planet to this day, is still one of my all time favourites.

The man knows how to deliver any line and get laughs. Sometimes he does go a bit too far but what comedian worth their salt out there doesn't? Okay, Ellen DeGeneres doesn't but she's not... funny (to me, anyway).

Tracy just penned a tell-all book about his life, "I Am the New Black". I have no idea if it's any good; I haven't read it, but he's doing the talk show circuit promoting the hell out of it -- and he's still cracking everyone up...even telling stories about his life before the TV fame... he spins them into something laughable. The guy has had a hard time of it -- poverty, abuse, drugs. Yes, there are many celebs out there who lived in their cars, struggled with addiction or came from abusive backgrounds... but that doesn't make Tracy's tale any less important or interesting. Overcoming the odds - whether financial, physical, or otherwise, is always a story worthy of an audience.


tracey said...

love me some tracy morgan! and i agree brian fellows is one of the funniest characters snl ever produced.

Brian Fellows said...


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