Thursday, October 15, 2009

RATE IT!/HATE IT! Beardy Becks

All hail the international return of David Beckham!

Mr. Posh, named Man of the Match yesterday versus Belarus, helped lead the England national footy team to a 3-0 victory in World Cup qualifiers. Becks had a huge impact - just like old times, eh? - but in this instance, he was a sub and STILL delivered the goods. Yay, David!

But what's with the creepy Geography teacher beard?

Appearances *may* be deceiving but it looks like Becks is putting his soccer prowess first...and his looks, second. Is it any surprise that Posh wasn't to be seen at the match? She's probably horrified.

I'd take a freaky beardy Becks with full-on footy skills than the overly manscaped sub-par player of a few months back, any day!

(photo: PA via the Daily Mail)

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