Friday, October 2, 2009

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Season 3-Ep. 3 Sneak Peek

I'm not sure why the ratings are under achieving for season three of 'Gossip Girl'. There's been just so much to love *and* hate!

Love: Blair's popularity crisis at NYU; Chuck -- everything about Chuck; and free-spirited, paparazzi magnet, Serena (the best boobs on TV, defo - and the paps agree, no?).

Hate: Vanessa --- horrible hair, tragic choice in boyfriends (Lily/Rufus Jr., are you kidding me?); and the limp Nate storyline. Why bother?

And now that it looks like the spawn of Lily & Rufus has slumped his creepy ass back to Boston, we can revel in the arrival of Hilary Duff. Lovely Hils portrays a love interest for the newly pumped up Dan -- cue more shirtless scenes for Penn Badgley, I'm sure. Why go to all that trouble if you're not going to show it off?



I have mixed feelings about the season so far. The Chuck and Blair love festival is turning into (dare I say it) a bit of a bore. I need DRAMA! Surprisingly, I'm liking shirtless Lonely Boy. As much as I love Rufus, his role is a bit pointless without Lily. And what about Blair's mum and stepdad? Did they too fall off the face of the earth? Ok, I'll stop bitching and just be glad it's back. Even bad Gossip Girl is better than 98% of the other programming on TV these days.

Jackie said...

LoveLamps, I'm with you on the missing Blair's step-dad and mom combo. And I'm actually missing the snotty girl clique from Constance. Where did they all disappear to?

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