Friday, July 11, 2008

RATE IT! Dairy Queen Brownie Batter Blizzard

My Blizzard addiction is well documented and after a prolonged absence from said delectable treat, I've had *two* this the period of *two* days! Stress does crazy things to people and I wandered by Dairy Queen and thought why not? The steamy, muggy days of July are here and I'm deserving, hungry and bored. What better way to fill time than by scarfing DQ chocolate sensations!

My 1st Blizzard of the week: the Xtreme Chocolate variety. Size small. Taste HUGE. My first Blizzard love. As we all know, early crushes can be painful and this one is completely detrimental to my waistline!! Even a teeny one...670 calories...29 grams of FAT! That's 43% of your daily fat allowance in one go!

My 2nd Blizzard of the week: the Brownie Batter concoction. Apparently, it's been a special Blizzard on the menu previously and it's gloriously back with its bad-for-your-ass brownie chunks & chocolately goo. Turns out, this sweet treat in the small size that I gulped has 630 calories and 28 grams of fat -- that's just marginally healthier than my first Blizzard of the week. 

I feel fat just working out the math. Ugh! I never count calories or fat grams ~ I'm really questioning my sanity in doing a Google search on these Blizzards. Ignorance in this bloated case really would have been bliss! What did I do on the way home? Stopped and bought carrots, lettuce and cucumbers to atone for my ice cream sins. What lesson did we learn today kids? Like loving a bad boy, lusting after a Blizzard will only end in heart-break...and binges!


TIET said...

Every time I see the Brownie Batter Blizzard commercial on TV I have to look away, it's that powerful.

Jackie said...

Okay, I faltered today and had *another* one! It was good, oh yes.

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