Wednesday, July 2, 2008

RATE IT! United Pre-Season Training Begins!

Back so soon? Only a few weeks ago, United were hoisting the Champions League trophy in, how time flies! Manchester United kicked off their pre-season training camp today at Carrington -- happy happy, joy joy!!

Not all the big name players will be on site for the first few days but just knowing that they're all gearing up for the new season start on August 16 makes me giddy in anticipation.

Here's to plenty of news reports of players running on tread mills, having blood pressure taken, resting tired muscles in whirlpool baths, and generally looking well fit!


Anonymous said...

Hi LTG!! Just here to say hello, and give it a look. I think it's great, I'll be dropping by quite often!

Ooh yes, I'm so excited!! It's wonderful that pre-season is finally starting. I'm really looking forward to many, many pics of our gorgeous boys! Btw, is that pic recent? I thought that the players weren't back yet?

Anyways, see ya!



A new Owen pic! AMEN! Bring on the season baby!

Misty Stiletto said...

Soo excited for it all the start again. Whoop whooop!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable photo of Owen and Patrice. (sigh) I'm feeling more and more content by the day in the knowledge that our season kicks off in 45 days. Yes, I'm that much of a saddo that I know the number of days...

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) :D xoxo

Jackie said...

Hey Deanna,

Well spotted. The photo is not's from last season but I thought it was well worth the second look!
Thanks for dropping in. Come back often!!


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