Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RATE IT! David Archuleta - First Single!

As a recent convert to the soulful musical stylings of American Idol 'runner-up' David Archuleta...I was quite happy to see that his first single is being debuted this Friday on Z100 in NYC.

Titled 'Crush', it kinda sums David up, don't you think? Many gals have one on David - and why not? Bad boys are over-rated, don'tcha know!

(photo: www.davidarchuletaofficialsite.com)


Bob The Mohawk said...

Great post! You write very well! Check out my blog if you have some time!


- Bob The Mohawk

Anonymous said...

The song isn't groundbreaking, but it's a solid pop tune. And I'm a big sucker for a good pop song ("Since you've been Gone" anyone?)

I've listened to "Crush" about 30 times now and I still LOVE it. I think it's the perfect first song for Archie, and for me, one of the best from a former AI contestant post-idol.

It's really nice to hear him sounding current. Can't wait for more!

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