Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HATE IT! The New 90210

When TV execs run out of new show concepts, the broadcasting landscape gets cluttered full of reconstituted old ideas. The lamest programming move for this coming season? Okay, it's been heavily challenged by the insipid 'Knight Rider' remake but I have to award the most unnecessary return to the new 90210. 

The original was born to succeed. Hatched from the TV hit factory of Aaron Spelling, the show cast a gang of gorgeous unknown actors to portray a clique of rich Cali kids experiencing life with little adult supervision. What teen or young adult wouldn't watch? It took awhile for the audience to find the show on the new, hip 'n' happening FOX network but when they did, ratings soared, stars were born and you couldn't walk by a magazine stand without catching a glimpse of Jason, Luke or Shannon. The program was a first in many ways -- storylines were snatched from the headlines -- pregnancy scares, drugs, suicide. Yes, it's true that Canada's 'Degrassi High' franchise tackled these sensitive issues with much more care and heart, but at least '90210' reached thousands upon thousands of viewers & got kids talking to their parents. The series was truly a success of its time, and before long many shows copied the challenging storylines, while egos on the set outgrew the program resulting in the show dying a quick undignified death.

Fast-forward to 2008 and we're about to have a new, "improved" 90210 foisted upon us. Why? We really don't need the show like we did back in the 90s. Since then we've had 'the O.C.', 'One Tree Hill' and now we have the exquisite 'Gossip Girl'. The spoilt kids of L.A. void is already currently filled -- by the pseudo reality of the god-awful 'The Hills.' The demo is more than catered for. Viewing the '90210' trailer and picking out this new version's 'Dylan' or 'Brenda' clone...the entire enterprise feels cheap and out for a fast (advertiser) buck. 

Spare me the overblown publicity hoopla and reworked characters. I'll stick with the far superior 'Gossip Girl' and remain in ever cool Manhattan. Kids who want their L.A. kicks will inevitably stick with 'The Hills' and if we're lucky, we won't have to stomach this year's version of 'David Silver' for too long. 

(Heck! It's too much fun dissing this new 90210 - for more bile click here.)


Anonymous said...

So if they had called something else would it make a difference?

Also they did a new generation of Degrassi and it's actually pretty cool.


Very strange. I prefer watching Tori Spelling on Tori & Dean rather than reliving 90210. Why can't they let things die gracefully in Tinseltown?!

Misty Stiletto said...

Oh, The OC, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl! Love all those shows!!

Never seen 90210 though.

Anonymous said...

Beverly Hills 90210 is one of my all-time favourite shows. I can relate pretty much any event that happens in day-to-day life back to a storyline on 90210. It is classic, and it beautifully represents what it was like to grow up in the '90s, horrendous fashion and music and all.

When The O.C. first premiered, I was very skeptical. I could pick out the new versions of the old 90210 characters and I was not impressed. I quickly changed my mind when I saw how funny and engaging The O.C. was. I have watched One Tree Hill from its pilot episode and still love it with a passion. Though I haven't hopped on the Gossip Girl bandwagon, I know a lot about the storylines and I can appreciate how much the fans love it.

However, this long-time die-hard 90210 fan will never watch some sad spin-off/remake of my beloved show. Never. I would sooner become a Chelsea supporter than watch this new version of 90210 (sorry to the lovely Chelsea girls reading this! :S). The trailers were appalling, and what's even more appalling is that some former 90210 cast members are willing to contribute to the bastardisation of a well-loved decade-long show. Jennie Garth, you should be ashamed of yourself! Thank goodness Tori Spelling has pulled out of appearing on the new version. She's saying that she wants to concentrate on spending time with her family. Whatevs, Tor, just as long as you don't join the show. When I heard her say that she didn't know if Donna and David would still be together, I started sobbing and was so angry that I threw a book across the room. We got our happy ending in the series finale. It was all nicely wrapped up and beautiful and right, and now they're going to spoil it.

My heart is broken, and hearing about the new version of 90210 fills me with indignant rage.

Shame on you, you producers! :(

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal)

Anonymous said...

Well said, Emily. Methinks that poor Aaron Spelling would be turning in his grave.

This show is absolutely appalling,
disgusting, nauseating
and 21 kinds of WRONG!

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