Thursday, July 3, 2008

RATE IT! Gawker Stalker website

If you desire to have your celebrity sightings up-to-the-minute & Big Apple-based, then hop over to the Gawker Stalker website. 

This site has been around for a good two + years now, but if you've never perused its star tracker to scope out Manhattan celebs, you're totally missing out! Find out what stars were seen weaving upon leaving the Spotted Pig pub, where the Gossip Girl cast relax after hours or who Kirsten Dunst has been dating on the sly. It's all on Gawker Stalker. 

Here's how it works... spot a celeb while you're out and about ~ just text or email Gawker Stalker with the details: who you saw, what they were doing, how they looked & their location ~ and they'll add this data to their daily bulletin board complete with Google Manhattan map with locator push-pins.

Stars and critics of the site believe Gawker showcases private information allowing real bona fide stalkers to easily access the objects of their warped affections. Fans just think it's a fun site that gives them an inside look as to where their faves hang out. It's entertaining to hear that Liv Tyler had a bad hair day while running out for milk. Yes, it's trivial and completely void of any thought-provoking calories, but it's a fluffy way to spend a few moments away from the pressures of work. So sue me. By signing on as part of the star system, don't these actors and other famous folk agree to the fine print that they're part of the public domain?

See for yourself. Hop over to Gawker Stalker and see what Blake Lively, Anderson Cooper and Heidi Klum have been up to. I bet your first visit won't be your last!

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