Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RATE IT! Happy Canada Day!


It's our birthday so it's time to toast everything that is gloriously Canadian! Top of my list, Owen Hargreaves. He may play footie internationally for England but he's all Canadian. And isn't it just like the spirit of Canadians to not hold a grudge against him for playing for a non-Canadian international side (a team that has a chance! ~ one day, Canada...one day...).

You can blame Canada for...the zipper, insulin, the telephone, the Blackberry, the Wonderbra, 5 pin bowling, basketball, Neil Young and instant replay. Happy Birthday, Canada!


No name brand said...

Yay! Happy Canada Day, LTG! I'm not a Canuck girl but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate... So viva le Canada! Bon anniversaire!

xXx CLB xXx

Misty Stiletto said...

Canada invented the wonderbra? Well, god bless you!! I guess I should be more thankful for insulin seeing as my dad is diabetic, but I think the wonderbra has been more useful to me!!

Enjoy a day filled with Candianess :o)

Anonymous said...

We're just full of good ideas up here in Canada. I'm quite proud of the invention of insulin, myself. My high school was named for its inventor -- ten points to the first person who can name him!!!

As a Canadian, I refuse to take credit (blame, really) for Celine Dion, though. She's from Quebec, and the separatists are always whining about being their own nation. So, yes, Quebec, you can be your own nation. The one that inflicted Celine on the world.

I love statutory holidays. I just wish I could've had Monday off as well...

Happy Canada Day to you all!
~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

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