Thursday, July 24, 2008

HATE IT! Bueller Cheated on Bradshaw?!?

Is nothing sacred?! Rumours abound that Matthew Broderick cheated on wife, Sarah Jessica Parker!

Supposedly, Ferris went for a little something (or more accurately, someone!) on the side while SJP was off shooting the 'Sex and the City' flick elsewhere. Most of the movie was shot in NYC so if the stories are true, he most certainly timed his liaison just so...getting some out-of-bounds booty in the few days that his spouse was out of town.

Sarah's reps have yet to comment so it's very possible that these gossip reports are false. It was the never-reliable Star magazine that broke the story. Is there no one left in celeb-ville that has a happy, faithful marriage? I'm really starting to wonder. 

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