Saturday, July 5, 2008

WANT IT! Funky Luggage Tags

Traveling is a challenge at the best of times but it's especially a struggle during the extra hectic summer months. Flight delays, overcrowding, the restrictions on carry-on's enough to make you stay put at home.

And then there's the suitcase equation. If you've ever had your luggage go missing, you know how miserable your trip can *really* become. There's nothing worse than having some jet-lagged passenger scooping your belongings from the baggage chute.

Fear gurus Flight 001 have your case covered. Check out these baggage tags -- that stranger in row 31B will make a second take before lifting *your* suitcase! (FYI -- for more travel-esque posts, please check out the 'travel' label on the left side of the screen).

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

Oh wow, love these!! They're so cool!!

Now I need to book a holiday in order to buy some!! :o)

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