Monday, July 28, 2008

RATE IT/HATE IT! Sienna Miller Backlash

Actress Sienna Miller has been splashed across tabloids and gossip TV programs as of late for her topless PDAs with fellow actor, the married Balthazar Getty. It seems that the zines are all hot and bothered over not only the 'married' label of Balty, but the fact that Sienna has been romantically linked to many men in such a short spell of time. Let's see there was Rhys Ifans, Matthew Rhys, Jude Law, scruffy 'model' Jamie Burke, rumoured trysts with Sean Penn, P Diddy...

Now her involvement with the married (albeit apparently, separated) Getty has apparently forced her into hiding as 'friends' in the UK and US are shocked at her behaviour and don't want to be seen with the scarlet woman. Bit hypocritical of the Hollywood crowd, don't you think? Since when did these people develop morals? 

I agree that it's not cool to hook up with a semi-married man under *any* circumstances, but to diss the gal for having many a boyfriend is just so sexist!! If Sienna was a man in Hollywood, she'd be called Warren Beatty or Jack Nicholson and get invited to all the prime parties! Unfortunately, double standards are still alive and *very* well.

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