Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RATE IT! Is Claire's Dying?

I'm all for cheap and cheerful jewelry. Accessorize, the glorious UK chain of fashionable trinkets and trendy purses, is my first shopping destination upon setting foot in England. We tend to visit as many Accessorize shops as we can find - individual stores often offer different product just waiting to be snapped up. I'll always be a Tiffany's girl, but Accessorize has its own special charm.

Now, Claire's -- the American chain that *wishes* it could be just like Accessorize, only..... isn't -- is apparently having mucho financial distress. Profits are way down for this mall rat. Perhaps young women have realized that Claire's is not cheap and cheerful, but cheap and crappy. A visit to any Claire's tells the tale. The product is dire! Even 11 year old girls who love pink, fluffy slippers and glittery bags would probably prefer the more cool baubles dressing the racks at H&M, Le Chateau, or Forever 21. Sure, this shopping triple threat are cheap too, but at least the designs are somewhat inspired from fashion trends. Claire's wares look like something discarded from a cereal box. 

It's a shame that so many stores are downsizing or even closing up shop, but when the victim is a biz that earns its dough peddling 'Made in China' tat aimed at kids & tweens, it's no big loss. Just like their parents, kids & teens deserve more value for their money.


JTS said...

Maybe I just don't remember so well anymore but it seems to me the quality at Claire's has gone downhill since I was a teen. I used to go there all the time.

Sarah said...

I haven't seen a Claire's shop crowded in a long time. Accessorize is where its at these days.

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