Monday, April 20, 2009

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Rescues Mondays

A Monday night without a new 'Gossip Girl' causes mild panic in my home. What to watch at 8pm? 

Bill O'Reilly on Fox? Don't make me, for the love of all things kind & pure! 'Chuck' on NBC? Sorry, no can do. Chuck Bass, that guy ain't!

Thank goodness our fave Upper East Side brats are back tonight with 'Seder Anything'. Tonight's episode seems worthy for (see photo) Blair's planet of a hat & Nate's plastic take on pretense alone! Bring it!

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And yet, I'm still not 100% in love with the show anymore. I don't know. This on for three weeks, off for three weeks or whatever it is, has really made me lose interest in the show. Something wonderful must happen soon or else I'm breaking up with Gossip Girl. *gasp* True.

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