Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RATE IT/HATE IT! New Depeche Mode Today

My excitement over the new Depeche Mode CD, 'Sounds of the Universe' should lead me to the bliss of a full fledged "RATE IT!" status, however today's arrival of their next opus is leaving me somewhat annoyed... and tinkering into "HATE IT" territory.

I've adored DM for decades, and am one of their many devoted followers who literally grew up with their distinct melodies as a soundtrack to my life. It's with this unbridled love for the band that I applaud today's release. So what's my problem?

Simply... the band and/or record company are really putting it to fans this time around. You can purchase the regular release of 'Sounds' -- or, you can get the version that has an accompanying DVD -- or, the set that includes vinyl *and* a CD, -- or the creme de la creme, the deluxe box set featuring 3 CDs, several books, the DVD plus extra tracks. 

Still have some cash burning a hole in your wallet? Well, coming up a week from now on April 28, you can increase 'Sounds' footprint in your home by forking out more bucks for the import version that has extra tracks -- yes, more extra tracks.

Now I love this band... I truly do, and already have tickets for their summer concert in my pocket as I always do when they swing through town, but this overload of releases for one ~ single ~ album is just a bit much in my estimation. Times are tough and I know that I won't be purchasing every single issue in an exasperated attempt to be a DM catalogue completist. I just can't complete and neither can the bank balance. It's lovely that the band have so much worthy material flooding into so *many* formats but it leaves many a fan out in the cold - especially right now. 

'Sounds of the Universe' -- more like 'Sounds of the DM Cash Register' -- is out today.

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Sarah said...

Erm...not a DM fan I have to admit. But if it makes you happy :)

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