Monday, April 13, 2009

RATE IT! Magazine Covers - Who Sells

Women's Wear Daily recently did a report regarding celeb cover stars and their affect on the profitability of fashion magazines. If Angelina Jolie graces a cover, do the public buy it en masse, or snub her for say, Lindsay Lohan pouting elsewhere? 

Turns out, they do flock to babycatcher Jolie! In an unscientific but fashionable spot of research, WWD concluded that Brad Pitt's other half, Victoria Beckham and 'Hills' alumnus, Lauren Conrad are the most sought after cover stars. Issues with their comely mugs out-sold other stars including Nicole Kidman, Katherine Heigl and Carrie Underwood. Even troublesome Li-Lo with her after-dark party girl drama doesn't outsell Milla Jovovich or Eva Longoria Parker. Who knew?

To me, it seems all very random what the public will buy or shun. WWD does admit that certain months such as January traditionally have lower sales than September or October. But do they also realize that January issues are typically bone thin while September/October are chock full of all the hottest styles for Autumn -- those issues weigh a ton! A true test would be to laden January's Vogue with Posh on the cover and see if her presence can break the pattern of January magazine blahs. Personally, I buy a ton of magazines much to the chagrin of my coffee table. I'm pretty much brand loyal... I will purchase certain zines regularly so the cover stars don't sway my purchase one bit. I do, however, take some glee in that women are not rabid for Lindsay Lohan. Seems that I am not alone. Magazine editors, take note!


Sarah said...

LOL 'Babycatcher Jolie' :)
I think the magazine thing is true. I do it all the time.

Misty Stiletto said...

I only buy 2 magazines each week and I buy them no matter who is on the cover.

I tend to buy OK when people get married, just so I can be nosy.

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