Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RATE IT! The Bird and The Bee

For all its annoyingly cloying storylines, 'Grey's Anatomy' still manages to serve a purpose (other than to alienate viewers!). The post-production staff continue to diligently include hip, happening bands to their program's episode soundtracks. Case in point...The Bird and the Bee. This duo from sunny California offer up retro-tinged pop that will add sunshine to your day and a spring to your step. For starters, check out their 'Please Clap Your Hands' EP. Like what you hear? The makers of the 'Sex and the City' movie did and nabbed their cover of the Bee Gees classic, 'How Deep Is Your Love' for their soundtrack. Don't be left *off* the band-wagon... time to download their latest, 'One Too Many Hearts' - a love song album from a different perspective!

Final verdict: The Bird and the Bee -- the perfect accompaniment for a Spring fling!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Am listening to the CD right now on It's not that bad, I'm partial to "Again & Again" & "La La La", sends me off to a dreamland with Cristiano, mmmmmm!

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