Sunday, June 22, 2008

CLASSIC RATE IT! Gary Neville Gets 'Punked'

Prior to the 2006 World Cup, Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand fancied himself as his sport's version of Ashton Kutcher, merking or 'punking' his fellow England team-mates. 

I adore Gary Neville for all his brooding, up-tightedness...and there's no truer Red Devil alive so I just *had* to add Rio's joke on Gazza. With a tight-lipped Ryan Giggs by his side, Gary loses it in the presence of a Scouser cop. As everyone knows, G-Nev despises everything about Liverpool so will a Police Officer from Merseyside get any respect from the United skipper?


Anonymous said...

Heeeeee! Thanks for sharing this, LTG! Gary was hilarious, and Ry was frickin' adorable (I had to ignore the Euro-trash, super-zhuzhed jeans). He was looking genuinely a bit concerned (and was GORGEOUS doing it!!!), but Gary was hysterical with his whole "I'm not ****ing doin' it. **** it. I'll take the points." My new catch-phrase: "I'm non-negotiable." HA!

Now, I'm off to YouTube all the other wind-ups, and then will probably dream of a road trip with Giggsy and Gaz. Oh how fun that would be...

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) :D xoxoxo

Anonymous said...


Saw this when it first came out-classic! Still love it!


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