Saturday, June 14, 2008

HATE IT! The Euro - 1 Week In

S.O.S!! I hate to admit weakness but I need help. We're knee deep in the week in, and my sadness for the absence of the England squad continues to linger & keep me awake at night. Not even the lure of a gooey Dairy Queen blizzard, or the promise of the upcoming unauthorized Owen Hargreaves biography can shake me from my footie funk. 

To fill the void, I'm watching Deal or No Deal, and obsessively following the sales at my local grocery store. This behaviour is not normal. I'm looking for suggestions to get me through the next week and a half when Cristiano, and Edwin will make me yearn for Manchester United & I'll end up pining for Hargreaves, Rooney, Brown and Ferdinand in their England kit even *more* (if that's at all possible). And what about Frank Lampard, also pictured above? Meh. I don't even have the energy to diss him. How pathetic is that? Got a solution? Please, spill!

(photo: Day Life Photo site)

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Anonymous said...

Whoa. Not enough energy to rag on Frankie boy?! LTG, I'm worried about you! :(

Alas, I can't think of a solution to your Euro blues. I wish I could come up with something to help you out of your funk. Will keep my thinking cap on these next few days for you, though...

Try to keep your chin up, luvvie. It's already halfway through June, so before you know it, it'll be August and your gorgeous Owen and my gorgeous Ryan will be back on our tv screens. It's hard to suffer through, though, I know. :(

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

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