Sunday, June 22, 2008

HATE IT! The Love Guru

Despite what the Hollywood gossip brigade say, I remain a fan of actor Mike Myers. Tempermental, selfish, egotistical...all adjectives that our good Canadian boy gets labelled. Some time ago, I met Mike twice...once in NYC in the Saturday Night Live offices and the other on home turf, and he was anything but difficult, humourless or fussy. I can only go by what I experienced myself. 

I am, however, a bit irked by his latest movie vehicle which opened in theatres on Friday. 'The Love Guru'...have you seen the trailers? It looks PAINFUL. Oh, Mike, what have you done??? The inclusion of the Toronto Maple Leafs - what brainiac was asleep at the wheel in the team's hockey office to green-light their involvement? For shame! And Justin Timberlake -- you CAN be clever and funny -- anyone who has seen his appearances as guest host on SNL can attest to his comedic timing. What were you thinking? This movie is an embarrassment of massive proportions! Truth be told, I haven't seen it...and I won't see it because time is precious and even two hours is too much time to waste on such schlock. Mike....Mike!! I hope you return to glory once again - we need you to!!

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