Thursday, June 12, 2008

HATE IT! Gossip Girl Spin-Off

Ah...if it isn't Jenny and Chuck from one of my not-so-secret obsessions, 'Gossip Girl'. Gotta love little J getting her own back on evil, scheming but TOTALLY hot, Chuck. Jenny might be occasionally timid, often gullible and completely short on self-esteem, but when she needed the will & guts to serve up some wicked revenge on this Upper East Side bad boy, she made us all proud. 

So proud that the brains behind the 'Gossip Girl' series are considering spinning off Dan's little sis into her own series. No more baiting by Chuck or Queen B power struggles with Blair -- say it ain't so!! 'Fraid it see, in the novels that the series is based upon, the Jenny character suffers a terrible humiliation and leaves the rich bitches at Constance and starts anew at another school. No definite answer has come from the GG camp -- let's face it, little J is cute and all, but her character really couldn't carry her own series (hello! Remember 'Friends' spin-off, Joey? Yeah...I didn't think so!). What do you think? Should Jenny stay with her frenemies or make the break away from the clique she just can't crack?

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