Friday, June 20, 2008

RATE IT! MVP - Secret Lives of Hockey Wives

The National Hockey League season may be finished and the Stanley Cup awarded, but it looks like we're entering overtime for 'MVP - The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives.'

A Canadian original production created for the CBC, the brass at the mother corp. decided to can its cheeky butt when it didn't garner larger ratings. Yes, it's derivative (Footballers Wives was here first), a bit silly (that kidnapping story line) but it was also a guilty pleasure of the recent TV season that I just couldn't leave alone. I know that I wasn't the only one who thought the CBC was a little hasty in dropping the axe. Check out the show's Facebook page for proof of its dedicated following. 

Enter ABC in the US. With a strike-shortened TV season, the alphabet network decided to purchase said series and give it prime time play on their SoapNet *and* the main ABC network (Fridays at 10pm ET -- at least for *one* airing; check listings for more). Rumour has it -- if MVP can score with viewers, the prodco may jump back into training & crank out new eps. Here's hoping! Go Mustangs!

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