Monday, June 2, 2008

HATE IT/RATE IT! Nike ID Customized Trainers

It pains me to be split down the middle over my latest obsession. It’s been said that there’s a fine line between love and hate, and that’s exactly what I’m playing at with these cool kicks from Nike. For the last year or two, Nike have offered up a customized trainer service called ‘Nike ID.’ If you’re less than enthused over the b-ball, super-pumped up sneaks that populate most Nike outlets, now you have your chance to create something uniquely you. Visit in person or log onto one of their websites and channel your inner Marc Jacobs and get designing. My inspiration - a pair of trainers that were featured in a Nike ID ad with Manchester United defensive-genius, Rio Ferdinand.

The photo displayed shoes with the United logo, Rio’s name and number, plus the colours were all specially chosen to be hues of the United football club. I was in love at first sight – they were so cool that I just had to have them. I mocked up my take on Rio’s shoes – using Gary Neville’s name and number for inspiration (Hargreaves’ name is far too long and wouldn’t fit – darn!). I was in such glee with my new shoes all designed. I couldn’t wait to get them in the mail and put my best foot forward while proclaiming my devotion to my team with my unique footwear. But it was not to be.

With one swift kick, I was quickly shaken from my reveree to discover that Nike ID orders can’t be fulfilled for Canada. Yep, that’s right!! And what was even worse…the staff at the Nike Megastore in my city didn’t even have a clue! I had casually mentioned to them on a recent visit that I was concocting a special sneaker on the Nike UK website – I didn’t receive one iota of caution or any utterance to tell me to stop and step away from the designing process. So now I have my fabulous creation held hostage in my email, not ever getting to see the warm light of day, let alone my size 8s. I hate you, Nike…I really do!


Anonymous said...

What baby wants baby gets - have them sent to my lovely mum in Reading and she'll UPS them over (or bring them over when they come for a trip)
Love my wife, Love my TEAM!

A Girl said...

I just had the same experience... Pathetic that even a year later, there's no way to get nikeid in Canada!!

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