Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RATE IT! Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Like many women in my circle, I loved the 'Sex and the City' flick. Sure, it has its faults but life's too short to moan and complain about trivial things. It's a movie, for goodness sake and sometimes it's beneficial to ignore that inner critic and just go with the flow. Without giving away any spoilers, I want to take a moment to celebrate my favourite gal. Charlotte York Goldenblatt (played magnificently by Kristen Davis). 

Yes, Charlotte is a bit particular (I refuse to call her anal especially in a SATC post!). She's always been one to hope for the fairy tale ending and never, ever let her faith in true love die. She's loyal and sweet and has some of the best dresses for a gal with hips! You can have your Carrie Bradshaw...for me, it's Charlotte all the way! She met her match with 2nd hubby, Harry Goldenblatt. When she finally set down her rule book and let Harry into her life, I swear that my love for Char moved into a whole new league. Harry is a true gem, and by admitting her love of the sweaty, bald lawyer, Charlotte finally got everything she desired...and more. 

So let's raise a glass to Charlotte!! My favourite Sex and the City gal...classy *and* ballsy (see the movie and you'll know what I mean!! I love her scenes with Big!). There's a little SATC gal in all of us. Who is your favourite?


Anonymous said...

I'll clink your glass in the toast to Charlotte. The thing that I didn't like about her in the movie was the relationship between her and Lily, or should I say the complete lack of maternal interaction with Lily. Seriously, for someone who was dying to have children, she did little more than occasionally tote around her daughter like an accessory and ignore her while she and her girlfriends went about their usual conversations. I didn't appreciate that...

I nearly died laughing at her in Mexico (you TOTALLY know which part I mean), and I frickin' frackin' looooooooooooooved her black bridesmaid dress. Loved Miranda's too, but loved Charlotte's the most. Hooray for a bottom-heavy girl rocking the curve-hugging couture!

Cheers to Char!

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) :) xoxoxo

Misty Stiletto said...

I love love love Charlotte too! I thought her part in the movie was great, she got to be herself but also with some added spunk. The way she is with big....ahhh....soooo great!!! And, Emily, I think I actually peed a little bit laughing so hard at her in Mexico. The whole movie was brilliant, but Charlotte truely is amazing!! Love her!!

I'm not sure which of the SATC girl's I'm most like, but my sister's boyfriend did ((rather meanly)) say Miranda reminded him of me!!! For the record I am not that cold hearted and abrupt!! Grr! ;o)

Anyway, cheeeers to Charlottle!!! Woo! :o)

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