Monday, November 17, 2008

HATE IT! Innie, Outie...Nothing at All?

When you're a striking, blonde Victoria's Secret model, it's not unusual to leave the fashion world a buzz after your latest catwalk strut, or photo shoot frolic. But for Czech beauty, Karolina Kurkova this past weekend's Miami Victoria's Secret fashion shoot had people pointing for a whole different reason. 

The girl does not have a belly button. Not an innie, or an outie...just a....nothing!

According to the UK's Daily Mirror, Karolina's absent navel is something that magazines just end up airbrushing in for their pictorials. One fashion insider is quoted as saying, "We keep a collection of belly button shots in different positions, and Photoshop them onto her whenever she's doing a bikini picture."

Karolina seems to have no qualms about her unique feature, and was front & centre during the weekend's Victoria Secret fashion show (as pictured, right). Still gorgeous, just a little...freaky!

(photo: AP Photo)

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No belly button? Clearly she's a cyborg.

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