Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HATE IT! Gossip Gulp!

It had to happen. We've been cheekily slinking along at a fast, devil-may-care clip, enjoying the Upper East Side jousting, the vicious back-stabbing, the tantalizing weekly frenemy wars. Life as a hanger-on in the 'Gossip Girl' clique was dishy and deliciously fantastic. Until last night. Until the story line stumble inside Manhattan's Palace Hotel where 'Gossip Girl' collapsed into a ridiculous, farce of script insanity. 

Oh, how it pains me! I devour each and every minute of this show, my TV week revolves around GG's sharp edge, so for it to reach so high and then fail miserably, so ridiculously, well I'm in mourning. Not just for myself but for poor Chuck, Blair and Serena who must all feel let down too. Little J, Dan, Rufus? I blame you (well, the writers actually) for the whack job of a story arc last night. Jenny, the 15 year old punky fashion designer? Pul-lease! You single-handedly ruined the show. Proud of yourself, you brat?! The parents were acting like brainless teens, Dan -- DAN! -- oh, how I want to smack that smug holier than thou smirk off your face, and Chuck -- your main asset GG brass, you left Chuck Bass with *nothing* to do! What a waste! I know much of the show is far-fetched but this one really took the prize for an 'almost' (and I cringe to mouth these words) jump the shark moment.  

I hope the writers take this episode as a much needed wake-up call. Last night sucked. Chuck even looked a bit green around the edges. Time to re-evaluate Jenny's role (um, let me see...how 'bout give her a lesser one!)...Dan's behaviour and Lilly's continued quest to remain 'hip' and down with the kids. Fix IT! I'll forgive you for now but remember -- and you dear writers should know this fact better than *anyone* -- loyalty is hard to come by on the Upper East Side. Same can be said for television viewers.

(photo: The CW)


Anonymous said...

Worst. Episode. Ever. :)
Quite agree my dear, the scene with the guerilla fashion show, and the old folks "grooving" with the kids was sooooo bad!

Chuck Bass going for a drive in the limo, then not getting his end away with the young chick - AND that scene with the mother of said chick, where Blair she decides NOT to use the photo of her sluttery, based around the realization that the mother is even more terrible than she first realized (Whaaa?)

Very poor all round. Sort it out writers!



I agree. HATED last night's episode and the previews for next week look just as bad. Did someone on the writing team quit? I've never liked Little J, ever. And Chuck Bass doing good deeds all night - PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! I need evil Chuck. He sustains me through the otherwise horrible week of sappy sugarland TV. Without evil Chuck, I'm left with Dexter as my only hope for quality evil goodness.

Misty Stiletto said...

Oh no, no, no. If you're hating on GG then it must be bad :o(

I am kinda getting sick of seeing Jenny's amazingly gorgeous long legs in magazines too. I was half her size at 15 (and still am now actually).

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