Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WANT IT! Food Mini's

I may be an adult, but toys like these food minis, send me right back to Grade 3! Teeny tiny plastic food items, ten different sets in all. You bet your Malibu Barbie, I want them all! No broccoli, no salads, just all the FUN stuff, like ice cream, fresh baked cookies & cupcakes, apple pie and donuts! They even offer s'mores and fair ground junk like cotton candy! Wahey!

Oh, sorry....just spotted some fruit smoothies in one pack, they're healthy but I'll just push those ones to the side. 

Too bad they're not edible. Put all these items together in real life and you'd have yourself quite the pig out.


Malin said...

Hellooo there! My travel bog is up!

If you want to see what I'm up to on the trip, I'll post pictures and such.

Could you link to it even? Or just spread the word. :D

Love Malin xoxo

Jackie said...

Will do, Malin!

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