Thursday, November 5, 2009

HATE IT! Blizzard Rip Off

Yesterday I received a very exciting email from the DQ Blizzard Fan Club. Okay, don't act all surprised that I am signed up to such a Bliz love is so *not* a secret, nor is it something to be ashamed of. Really!!

Anyway, the email announced this wonderfully exotic sounding Blizzard of the Month: the Girl Scouts Tagalongs Peanut Butter Patty Blizzard.

Oh. My. Just check this baby out. The photo makes my mouth water....creamy peanut butter, Girl Scout cookies...another marriage of chocolate and peanut butter, such a beautiful thing.

I spent a few minutes in a floaty sugar reverie...but after drooling over the photo for far too long, I suddenly snapped out of this ice cream nirvana. Tagalongs....tagalongs.... what the heck? Girl Guide cookies here in Canada come in only three traditional flavours. There's the combo boxes that have vanilla sandwich cookies riding shotgun with their chocolate sandwich counterparts. And then at another time during the year, the mint chocolate version are on offer. We've never, ever had something called Tagalongs. Me thinks my Blizzard Club email is ....from the States!

I quickly dialed into Google to pull up the Canadian Dairy Queen site and my suspicions were correct. This new Blizzard on the Block with its strange sounding Tagalongs is NOT AVAILABLE IN THE GREAT WHITE NORTH. No. No, DQ here is featuring a re-run as its Blizzard of the that I don't rate *at all*! So, our American cousins get treated with the Girl Guide Tagalong super duper freaking amazing Blizzard, while us Canucks get the short end of the stick with the unwelcome return of the Tin Roof Brownie Blizzard which was JUST HERE only a few months back in July.

I mean, seriously...if you're going to trot out a repeat Blizzard performance, why wouldn't you reintroduce a Blizz favourite like the Brownie Batter or the Midnight Truffle. Hate to say it, but DQ you've failed us.


b said...

You're likely receiving the US version because you didn't specify a postal code or country when you signed up for the Blizzard Fan Club. If you don't specify it defaults to the US version. Sign up again and include your country and postal code and you'll start to receive the Canadian versions.

Jackie said...

A ha! Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

what a bummer! The tagalong cookies are great so I can just imagine how tasty this blizard of the guys at the office sells Girl Scout Cookies for his daughters so when I buy some from him, I'll make sure to buy some extra so I can send to you so you can have a taste! They will come out in February so I will let you know!

Jackie said...

Ah, Nicole!! You are too kind!! :) Thanks!!!!!!

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