Thursday, March 11, 2010

RATE IT! Dog Gone

Without a ton of cash, it's difficult for volunteer based non profits to have ad campaigns that get their message across in an unique & powerful way. The Sacramento, California SPCA managed to do just that with the creative genius of Glass McClure Advertising, a Sacramento based agency.

With the permission of United Features Syndicate, Paws Inc, and Warner Bros., Glass McClure employed the absence of our favourite pop culture pets -- Snoopy, Garfield & Scooby Doo - to convey the sad reality of a life without beloved pets. The tag line states: It's not the same without a pet. Adopt one.

Life IS better with a pet.

Hopefully with these fantastic ads, the message will get across loud and clear and more homeless animals will find their forever home.

To view all three of the ads, please click here.

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