Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RATE IT! Don Returns!

Summer TV viewing has now been saved!

'Mad Men', the season 4 edition, will be getting its retro groove on in time for July 25 on AMC in North America.

I'm so thankful that the TV gods waited to schedule Don Draper's dramatic return until *after* the World Cup wraps up on July 11. Yes, my viewing habits are that schizo.

There are so many 'Mad Men' questions gagging to be answered: will Betty seriously dump Don & go through with the divorce? Will campy Sal return (I hope so!)? Will any sparks reignite between Roger & Joan (I hope so, too!)? And will Roger and Don really be able to work together so closely? I mean, they're all piled on top of one another in that Manhattan hotel room... oh, stop! Dirty minds, the lot of you!

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