Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RATE IT!/HATE IT! A Rug with a Stamp of Approval

It was bound to happen! The iconic image of the Queen on the British stamp has now been given the interior design treatment. 

This 100% New Zealand wool rug comes in an assortment of colours, and is guaranteed to spruce up your home lickety split. 

I'd order one for my home in a second... what's not to like? Uh, well... there IS one stumbling block - the price. At just shy of 700 pounds ($1,400+ Canadian), this rug is just a bit too dear for my floors and my bank balance!


NiamhG said...

Out of my price league too but I love it. Love the perforated edging on the 'stamp' too.

Jackie said...

I didn't even notice that! Makes it even more cool!

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