Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RATE IT! Panda-monium

THEY'RE HERE! Finally!

After a lengthy wait, and enough red tape to encircle the globe several times, the Toronto Zoo is now home to two gorgeous Giant Pandas from China!

Da Mao (a 4-year-old male), and Er Shun (an older woman at 5 years of age) are settling in nicely for their 5 year stay. On the day that we visited, Da Mao was holding court in the outside enclosure. Sitting in the shade, climbing on rocks and picking just the right piece of bamboo to chomp, he seemed completely oblivious to the crowds of children and adults who were clamouring to see him. Er Shun was more playful in the inside enclosure, doing her gymnastic routine of front rolls much to the delight and appreciative squeals of her audience.

If you're in Toronto in the near future, go see these wonderful bears! And check out the other animals that call the Toronto Zoo home. Well worth the visit.

(photos: mine)

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