Monday, June 1, 2009

RATE IT! I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

With all the usual TV suspects on hiatis & absent from our screens, it makes the viewing of trashy reality TV all the more.... permitted. Frankly, there's nothing else on! Why go outside and enjoy the warm weather with your friends when you can stay indoors & watch C-list celebs eat spiders and sleep hanging from trees while stranded in the jungle? LOVE IT!

NBC kicks off "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here" TONIGHT at 8pm, and set those PVRs because the series airs almost *every* night 'til its conclusion on June 24. If you've seen the fan-freakin'-tastic UK version, you know that you're in for a decadent treat of silliness. Who doesn't want to watch Stephen Baldwin eat bugs!? Is there a reality program that this dude won't do? Or Janice Dickinson, or Heidi & Spencer? Nevermind C-list celebs.... I think this lot is pure Z!

I cannot wait! To add some class to proceedings, the US series will be hosted by the lovely Myleene Klass. She's a wonderful TV presenter from the UK (used to be in the pop band, Hear'say with Kym Marsh, she now of 'Coronation Street'). 


Sarah said...

I can't believe you got I'm A Celeb! Ours is hosted by the usually hilarious Ant and Dec who spend much of the show laughing at the desperation of the camps. Myleene was in the jungle too a couple of series ago and she didn't win but she got a Marks and Spencer's modelling contract because of her white bikini. I can't believe Janice Dickenson is going back into the jungle!! She hated it on the UK one and starved herself. She didn't even try some of the bush tucker trials and kept saying 'Oh Man' all the time as well as heavily flirting with Dec. In the end I was surprised she finished third.
I hope your version is as celeb-tastically mental as ours always are.

Myrna Hynes said...

I was thinking the other day about how FREAKIN' HILARIOUS it would be to have a "Celebrity SURVIVOR"...I can just see it now...haha...this comes a close 2nd except, um, I don't know 1/2 of these people...oh well, worth checking out anyways just for some Janice drama!

Anonymous said...

I loved the original series, years ago. Kathie Griffin! I haven't seen this one yet...but I will. Oh yes.

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