Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RATE IT! Max Q: Sometimes

The late great Michael Hutchence is best known for his frontman role with INXS but he also had quite the slate of side projects. One of his best - yet little known - was the band, Max Q

Formed around 1989, Michael & his mates -- most notably, Ollie Olsen who he met during production of the flick, 'Dogs in Space' -- crafted an album full of unrelenting angst. Feeling a bit unhinged, exploited or fearful in the big bad world? Max Q's album was made for you! 

Unfortunately back in the day, this release didn't get much attention outside of Australia. It's one of my desert island discs and I personally believe it challenges the best works of Michael's full-time band. 

Here's a taster -- 'Sometimes' by Max Q (remix version by Todd Terry).

1 comment:

Maxmum said...

I loved Max Q!! I listened to the tape over and over in my Sports Sony Walkman (the big yellow one). Thanks for bringing this great tune & warm memory into my mundane adult day.... ;)

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