Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HATE IT! Vuvuzela iPhone Horror

Watching the World Cup? If you're like me & have your TV perpetually tuned to all the footy action in South Africa, you're probably experiencing a little buzzing in the ears.

Yep, the annoying Vuvuzelas, South Africa's noisemaker of choice. England fans may prefer a good ol' dirty chant on the terraces, but their World Cup hosts like to toot their own horn again, and again... and *sigh* again.

Watching the matches with the sound turned down is one big bummer. Wearing earplugs, even worse! So if the best way to jostle back into the spirit of the tourney is to join them at their own game, well now you CAN! iTunes has an app for that - the Vuvuzela app. It's free, it can be customized to feature your team's kit colour and just like the real deal, it's noisy. 

Full disclosure -- I did download the Vuvuzela app to my iPhone before the England-US match last Saturday, but have since been forbidden by friends and family to use it especially in public. Can't say that I blame them!


T-Ro said...

down with the Vuvuzela!!

Jackie said...

I wish!

NiamhG said...

Hate them. Lost a point, but still won, a radio quiz today as I couldn't tell how many goals Korea scored last night as I decided to watch West Wing instead as hate that wretched noise.

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