Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RATE IT! You're The One That I Want

Who doesn't love the John Travolta-Olivia Newton-John movie,  'Grease'? 

Well, Paramount is banking on the fact that everyone loves 'Grease' as it re-releases the 1978 musical into select theatres stateside as a sing-a-long version on July 8.

Following in the uber-successful dance steps of 'Mamma Mia', 'Grease' will be the same classic flick we all know and love (and can sing by heart), but it will have newly added lyrics bouncing along the screen. Who doesn't want to take in this gem of a movie again on the big screen all the while singing at the top of your lungs? I DO! I DO!

Right now, the movie is only slated to appear for a two week period in just a sprinkling of US cities. Want 'Grease Sing-a-Long' to take a bow in your neck of the woods? Tweet #Grease on Twitter and click here for more info!


Jennifer said...

This Has to be my favorite musical ever! So, excited! I hope it comes here.

Jackie said...

I hope it's really popular and opens up into a wider release. It should do well but then again, you never know! People are fickle.

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