Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HATE IT! From Twitter to TV

Did you manage to survive an entire episode of 'Shit My Dad Says?' No? Well, you're not alone. Apparently, the popular blog/Twitter account does not make for good telly viewing. Now, there's a surprise!

What's an even bigger shock is that CBS is rumoured to be morphing yet another Twitter feed into a television program. Apparently Twitter addict, actor & producer, Ashton Kutcher is somewhat to blame as his production company is involved in the program's development. Their target: Shh...Don't Tell Steve ~ a silly bunch of tweets revealing the odd behaviour of a weird roommate called Steve.  

Isn't this fascination with Twitter going a little bit too far? Now I must admit that I love Twitter but reading fun posts on the web does not necessarily make for enjoyable television. If 'Shit My Dad Says' doesn't prove that theory, I guess nothing will.  


Nicole said...

I love William Shatner but not everyone else... I'm gonna keep on watching and hope it improves but I think they might cancel it before that happens! I wonder what made them change actors in the role of Henry? They had trailers with one guy and then the series premiered with someone else...didn't help the show! Keep up the great work Jackie!

Jackie said...

I must admit that I was watching "My Generation", the second casualty of this new TV season. I quite liked it but alas, it's gone to the dumpster now.

William Shatner seems to have some luck with TV projects that have legs so perhaps he will ride out the negative critics.

And thanks for the compliment, Nicole. Much appreciated!

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