Thursday, September 30, 2010

RATE IT! Gab & Dad

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Gab & Dad? Many of you have but if you haven't made their acquaintance, please let me do the honours.

Gab and Dad are a daughter-father team who dish up the latest in movie reviews. Witty, and intelligent with a dose of family fun, Gab & Dad are a must-visit YouTube destination. And I can personally vouch that they're lovely people to boot!

Here's their latest.... discussing 'The Social Network' otherwise known as the Facebook movie... which makes me ask, Gab! When, oh when will you be signing up?? You'd have such fun over there, my dear friend! And Philip, where's my FB friend invite? 

Want to subscribe? Click here for Gab & Dad's YouTube page.


KT and Easton said...

Very refreshing and sincere. Thanks so much for bringing this to light.
Big thumbs up.

Jackie said...

So glad you enjoyed G & D! Check out their YouTube page. Tons more where this review came from.

Gab & Dad are very passionate about films and never give too much away in their reviews.

Gab's also one of my dearest friends and deserves all the kudos. :)

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